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Encouraging Healthy Transitions & Positive Change in the Church

We provide leaders, pastors, and coaches with training, resourcing and support so they can facilitate the congregational transition between pastors. 

Transitional Leadership Resources

  • Roster of Transitional Leaders

    These church leaders are part of the Transitional Leadership Network and want denominational leaders and churches to be able to contact them when availability for Transitional Ministry opportunities.

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  • Churches in Transition

    We believe that times of transitions in the life of a church are opportunities to seek God together as a congregation and hear afresh how to reach your community.

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Cam Taylor, Director

Lifecycle Assessment

Lifecycle Assessment Tool

Determining where your church is within its life cycle is a good place to start.
Vision Renewal.

Vision Renewal.

Reflect. Assess. Pray and Plan.
TLM Training.

Training Transitional Leaders.

Helping you fit the pieces together for effective transitions.