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Transitional Ministry Training Events

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May 10-12, 2017 – 3-day basic - BC
May 29-31 – 3-day basic - Ontario
June 1-2 – 2-day advanced - Ontario

TLM Basic is designed to give a foundational understanding  of transitional ministry.

TLM Advanced is designed for the experienced transitional pastor or coach.

 This training event will make a noticeable impact on your life and leadership. We design the training to make it practical and interactive. You will be equiped with the mind-set and skill set necessary to navigate change and transition during the time between pastors. 

The investment of your time and engagement in this training will be well worth it!

3-day Basic Training 

The following topics will be covered:
The Eight Goals of a Transition
Basic Coaching and Facilitation Skills for Transitional Leaders
Conflict Resolution and Biblical Peacemaking
Tools for Clarifying Vision During Transition
Organizational Renewal During Transition
Preparing Yourself as a Transitional Leader
Facilitating the Search Process

What people are saying about the training

"Transitional pastoring is a key ministry enabling a church in flux to gain freedom, focus, and a healthy future. Every pastor needs to have this skill.”  Bob Claxton
"A refreshing opportunity to gain the tools necessary to help both healthy and hurting churches through the inevitable seasons of transition.” Ron van Akker, BCMB Conference Minister


$335 for full time participant  
$175 for spouse attending with participant  
$195 for returning participant
$20 for a copy of Between Pastors: Seizing the Opportunity (required text book). May be purchased as a Kindle ebook on for $9.99.

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BC 3-day Basic Training - May 10-12, 2017 - download printable brochure here.

Ontario 3-day Basic Training - May 29-31, 2017 - download printable brochure here.


2-day Advanced Training

This 2-day advanced training builds on the foundation of the basic course. It's designed for those doing transitional ministry but may also be taken as a follow-up to the 3-day course. The purpose of this training is to sharpen your skills, add additional tools to your toolbox, build your confidence, and provide an environment where you can network and learn from others doing this ministry.

The following topics will help shape the learning agenda:

  • Facilitating Group Conflict Revisited
  • Critical Thinking for Better Decision Making
  • Assertiveness Without Apology
  • Dealing with Difficult Behavior
  • Negotiation and Mediation Skills for Pastors
  • Effective Meeting Management
  • Collaborative Conversations that Matter
  • Increasing Readiness for Change and Transition
  • Developing a Discipleship Culture During Transition


$235 for an individual participant
$125 for a spouse attending with full time participant
$20 for a copy of Between Pastors: Seizing the Opportunity (required text book). May be purchased as a Kindle ebook on for $9.99.

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Ontario 2-day Advanced Training - June 1-2, 2017 - download a printable brochure here.

Who are the course facilitators for these events? 
Cam Taylor - coach, author, experienced transitional leader, and on staff with Outreach Canada 
Alan Simpson - conflict coach, mediator and facilitator, previous director of TLM

The Ontario training is at Heritage Seminary in Cambridge, Ontario.
The BC training is held at ACTS Seminary in Langley, BC.

Accommodations: lodging is not included in the cost of registration.

For more information contact:

Maggie Cox at (604) 952-0050 Ext 213 or Cam Taylor at (604) 866-0057

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